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Painting without the mess of brushes and water!
Want to draw and paint the fun, easy, clean way...just reach for Playcolor paint sticks! Simple to use, with no water, paintbrushes, cups or clean-up required.
Playcolor solid poster paint sticks are great for painting on paper, cardboard, wood, and more.
Playcolor is solvent-free, using waterbased colours packaged in “glue stick-like” retractable plastic casings... just uncap, twist, and paint!
The bright, opaque and vibrant colours of Playcolor solid poster paint sticks are quick drying, won’t crack when dry, and won’t wrinkle the paper.
The bright, vibrant colours are versatile too. When pressing lightly, the results look like pastel.
When pressing firmly, the results look deeper - like poster paint.
Ages: 3+

Just paint away and then iron to fix the paint on the
fabric and make it washable. They are an extremely
convenient, easy to use and very clean way of painting.
Perfect for children, for outdoor use or simply if you
don’t want all the mess associated with liquid paints.
PlayColor Textile Paint Sticks can be instantly applied,
having excellent coverage and are very fast drying.
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