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Will I have to sign for the parcel on delivery?

Orders are dispatched with a Permission to Leave (PTL) label. This means the couriers will be leaving the parcel outside your front door even if you aren't home. If you would like the couriers to obtain a signature or have any other special instructions include these in the order comments box which is just before you submit your order. 

Can I add extra items to my childs order?

Yes, we have a range of products that can be added to your order. To view these click on the products tab, you can also search for products in the search box in the top right hand corner. If you have trouble finding a particular product you can chat with us online or email schoolpacks@eenymeeny.co.nz and we will be able to help you find this. 

How can I see the schools requirements for my child?

You can view a list of the required items that your school requires each child to have by searching for the school on the home page, or selecting your childs school from the drop down. Not all schools provide us with their requirements, so if your school isn't listed you can search for the items that your child/ren require using our products tab or the search box in the top right hand corner. 

My school is not listed, but I still want to order from you. What should I do?

Visit www.eenymeeny.co.nz, you can browse our product range or search for a particular product using the search box if you have your childs stationery requirements handy. Simply add the items you require to your cart then checkout as a guest. 

Am I able to come in and collect my child/s stationery?

This is a service that we have offered in the past, however we would prefer if orders could be placed online and delivered to you at home or work. Orders over $40+gst are dispatched freight free. 

How can I pay for my childs stationery?

Payment is collected at the time of order and can be made either via credit card (EWAY) or Internet Banking (POLi). If neither of these options suit you, chat with us below or email schoolpacks@eenymeeny.co.nz and we can sort out a solution for you! 

When will my order be delivered?

At the time of submitting your order you will be asked to choose a preferred delivery window. Your order will be delivered between the dates on the selection that you choose, this is to ensure that you will be at home to receive the parcel and it won't be waiting on your doorstep while your on holiday. 

Can I order stationery for more than one child?

Absolutely! To add an additional pack to your order simply click Add Another Pack. This will then take you back to select the relevant school and pack level for your child. If the stationery requirements aren't loaded for your child, you can add the products they require from the products tab or the search bar at the top right hand page. 

What rewards does my school earn?

With every $25 that you spend on stationery for your child one reward point will be issued to your childs school. The school can then collate and redeem these reward points on products from our range www.eenymeeny.co.nz/rewards

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